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Lacking Abundance? Listen.

Future Vision:

All the cells of the Body of Christ are working together to become one healthy body. Community, working together, where I have a need and I don't have enough and someone else has too many of the very thing I need. Both parts are fulfilled in the giving and the receiving. It's a win/win. To get these two people together, that's where God comes in! God knows the two people and their lack or abundance. God sends the message to the two people, they listen and both needs are filled. This process cuts waste, hunger, homelessness, loneliness, depression and creates gratitude. See how important listening, giving and receiving can be in this process?

So, when making bread, I make two loaves instead of one and the second goes to community. It already works that way with one of God's creations, the lemon tree. It's hard to grow just one lemon. The tree brings forth a bountiful harvest and there is no way you will

use all those lemons, so you begin to think about sharing. It's a bounty for both parties and we can't help but share just the one loaf of bread and the lemons. We share our hearts, our souls, our contact information. We may even put our heads and hearts together and help someone else.

Alynn Brutsman (listening)

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