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Spiritual Companionship

Learn to Seek Guidance

A Spiritual Guide is a companion, and soul friend who will walk along side of you. There are many paths to find God and his holy will for us.   Alynn Brutsman uses Dream exploration, journaling, art, music and photography to help in this communication process. These methods become a new language that open up and explore God’s unconditional love and healing. 

We explore together and share the sometimes confusing and lonely places we find ourselves.  It is an inner journey filled with God’s wonder and mystery. It is never dull or without adventure.  Alynn only companions others to places she herself has journeyed. She is very insightful and spirit filled as she walks beside us in our quest for a deeper spirituality. 

Other spiritual guides are available upon request. Please let Alynn know and she will match you with the best fit. 

Holy Spirit House of Prayer Services are completely donation based. The suggested donation amount for Spiritual Guidance is between  $25-$75 per session. Click on the button below to make a donation. 

Spiritual Companionship: Programs
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