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Holding Space for Grief

Where Vulnerability is Strength

Many of us know or have experienced first hand the ranges of grief that leave us overwhelmed, lonely and at a loss of how to grieve.  In this circle, we find a safe place  let go of those uncomfortable feelings that surround the loss of a loved one. “We don’t get over grief. We carry it forward forever”. In this circle, we adventure through the grief process together. Alynn Brutsman guides the group through heartfelt prompts that help us “spend our tears” and find new and hopeful perspectives. This is a safe, therapeutic community.

Holy Spirit House of Prayer Services are completely donation based. The suggested donation amount is $10 per group session. One on one sessions are on a sliding scale from $25-$65/per session. Click on the buttons below to make a donation or sign up for this event.

Image by Mike Labrum
Holding Space for Grief: Service
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