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My Heart Song

Let us find reasons to gather.

Around Brother Fire.

Sharing wild and precious details

That in silence wait.

Set free the sparks and smoke

Of our inner heart song.

Awkward and radical,

Passionate and reverent.

The sun sets.

Brother Owl gives a hoot,

And makes his presence known.

The sound tip toes in.

The stillness of the circle widens,

Letting in the light of Sister Moon

And the sound of Brother Water.

Sister Wind waits in a hush.

My heart song emerges

resonating this great Love;

Praising, shining,

Shouting, weeping.

AB 8/22

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So very Refreshing, Beautiful, Heartfelt, So very much needed. ❤️


Alli Battaglia
Alli Battaglia
Oct 29, 2022


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