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Elli Mae, our new puppy, had to go outside at 4 AM. I was awake so I took her out into the backyard. As I stood waiting for her, my gaze lifted upward, past the roof to the sky. Beautiful views of brilliant stars, the moon and signs of morning over the horizon. It reminded me of camping days when stargazing was so much a part of the evening. God‘s big picture. The power of the cosmic Christ. The correlation and perspective of tiny me in the expansive universe leaves me in awe. As I stood stargazing, I decided to check my SkyView app on my phone. I noticed all of the planets are lining up again in a huge arch. Mars is right above my head, then Uranus, the Moon, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. Then the Sun, Venus and Mercury. This is a powerful time of alignment. What is it telling me about my own alignment with the cosmic Christ? I think there is a potential for so much goodness as the power of Christ extends towards the earth, saying surrender to this awesome will of the divine. And at the same time, for those who don’t surrender, it can be a time for torment and reckoning. I hear the loud words in my heart. Trust in the Divine power. Humble yourself before me. Rejoice in belonging to the Body of Christ that extends beyond your small inner circle.

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I also saw The moon last night with The Star of Jupiter in the back. Beauty will always make things right again. Even when it looks ominous.


Alli Battaglia
Alli Battaglia
Nov 04, 2022

Definitely resonate!! 🌟

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