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It was only a Mustard Seed

A fourfold message came through my meditation surrounding the Mustard Seed Parable- Matthew 13:31,32

1. It is possible for a small action to yield huge results down the road.

Don't resist the small but powerful steps.

2. The healthiest seeds come from mature, strong, flowering/fruitful plants or trees.

Align with people/organizations that have these qualities.

3. The patience needed to persevere through this evolutionary process of "seed to tree" is important.

Don't deviate from the holy path that has your name on it.

4. In the planting, I will need some fertile soil, water and a source of sun.

Take care of the seed before planting.

Plant in a favorable season.

God (Source) is important to stay alive.

-Alynn Brutsman 5/10/21

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