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Contemplative Photography 

What Does the World Look Like Through Your Eyes?

Contemplative Photography is the capturing of a present moment that leads to further pondering. This photo of the rock stack makes you wonder, who put it there?  What does it mean?  Does it point to a direction  on the path?  What is clouding the blue skies in our lives and how can I appreciate the gems found within the rocks? It is symbolic of making something beautiful out of the heavy rocks in our life and resting on a sandy beach with a deep blue sky in the background. The meaning is captured by both the photographer and the beholder of the photo art. It is a meaningful way to express a deeper reality or statement in the form of a picture. Feel free to add your own Contemplative Photo in our blog section and it will later be moved to this new photo section of the website. Feel free to tell the background story of this captured moment.

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